Fast and Convenient Diagnosis
Examination of symptoms using latest technologies
Patients will enjoy the convenience of our on-site MiniCAT™ by Xoran Technolgoies Inc. This technology provides immediate imaging, a faster diagnosis, and the ability for patients to begin their treatment more quickly. Our on-site MiniCAT™ has a lower radiation dose than a conventional (full-body) CT, and affords patients the comfort of sitting upright in an open design, minimizing claustrophobia. Immediate imaging allows patients to visualize their anatomy and leads to better compliance with the recommended treatment protocol.
Quality Service
Increasing quality of life for all our patients.
It is important for us to know that as a patient with our clinic you are treated with hospitality and care. Our expert staff is here to provide you with professional service and the courtesy that you deserve.
Hearing Aid Assessment
We provide quality hearing evaluations for all our patients
Our Audiologists have a reputation for always having the latest digital hearing aids on the market today. We pride ourselves in providing excellent service to our patients by diagnosing your hearing problem with accurate hearing tests that enable us to recommend best solutions possible. If you want the best care for your hearing difficulties, then you have come to the right place. We provide highly qualfied care to all our patients. Our professional audiology staff is the best in the business and we care about our patients hearing health!

Electronic Medical Records
State of the Art Technology
In order to provide the quality and secure care that our patients deserve, our office has adopted a quality electronic medical records system. Our system provides increased security, is a rapidly retrievable source of information, improves accuracy, and automates our office workflow while streamlining clinical activities.
We are dedicated to providing expert and compassionate care using state-of-the-art medical resources. Ultimately, our commitment above all is to our patients’ health, well-being, and satisfaction.

Meet our team

                              Dr. Daryl Bickford

                             Dr. Joseph T. Hoang

                                Dr. Herman Leong

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What is Otitis Media?

Otitis media is inflammation of the middle ear; however, many doctors consider otitis media to be either inflammation or infection of the middle ear. “Otitis” means inflammation of the ear, and “media” means middle. Read full answer

What causes chronic tonsillitis?

Tonsils and adenoids are on the body’s first line of defense—our immune system. They “sample” bacteria and viruses that enter the body through the mouth or nose at the risk of their own infection. Read full answer

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Hearing Center
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