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Hearing Aids Doctor Victoria

Hearing is something that most people take for granted. When your hearing is impaired it can severely limit the way you function in the world. Almost everyone suffers from some hearing loss as they age; however, hearing loss can affect people of any age including children. Hearing problems are treated by a hearing aids doctor in Victoria and an audiology team. A diagnosis of your condition must be made before treatment can be provided.

Hearing Aids Doctor in Victoria

A hearing aids doctor in Victoria will examine your ears and conduct tests to determine exactly what is causing your hearing loss. If there are underlying circumstances, such as an infection, it must be treated. Typically, ear infections respond well to various types of antibiotics. However, if an infection doesn’t respond other treatments may be necessary.

A variety of factors contribute to hearing loss. These include exposure to loud noises, repeated ear infections or meningitis, medications, trauma, heredity and aging. Hearing loss falls into one of two main categories including temporary and permanent. Temporary hearing loss occurs when something blocks sound waves from reaching the inner ear. If you have excessive wax or a punctured ear drum this could cause loss of hearing. Medication or surgery may be able to restore your hearing.

Permanent hearing loss is not reversible. It happens when there is permanent damage to the inner ear or to the auditory nerve. A hearing aids doctor in Victoria will determine the extent of damage and will recommend a course or treatment. Some of the available treatments include medication, cochlear implants and hearing aids. Additionally, a patient may require training to learn how to better deal with hearing loss.

Victoria Hearing Center

The Victoria Hearing Center is part of the Victoria ENT & Allergy Associates. Our professional audiology team examines patients, tests for hearing impairment and develops a treatment plan based on the findings. We treat patients of all ages including both children and adults. Our doctors treat middle ear infections, swimmer’s ear, hearing loss, cholesteatoma and tinnitus. Damage to the ear can cause not only hearing problems but also trouble with balance. The proper diagnosis can help doctors provide medications or other treatments that will be the most successful in resolving your particular condition.

Babies and young children often suffer from frequent ear infections. These infections can permanently damage hearing and they could lead to a lifelong hearing disability. To protect the ear, tubes may be placed in a child’s ears. The purpose of the tubes is to allow for immediate drainage of damaging infectious fluids because a child’s ears may not have large enough or developed enough drainage on their own. Ear tubes can prevent children from experiencing painful infections and permanent hearing loss. Tubes are placed in the ears with a surgical procedure and usually fall out on their own within several years, once the child is past the age of possible problems.

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