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Sinus Doctor Victoria TX

Sinus problems affect millions of people. The symptoms of sinus problems can range from a stuffy nose to a runny nose and excess mucous. This can lead to coughs and sore throats due to a constant nasal drip. You don’t have to live with sinus trouble. A sinus doctor in Victoria, TX will evaluate and diagnose your condition so that it can be properly treated.

Sinus Doctor in Victoria, TX

A sinus doctor in Victoria, TX will perform tests and evaluate your condition to determine the cause of the problem. There are a number of things that could cause sinus problems including a sinus infection, nasal obstruction and allergies. Some factors may contribute to sinus conditions such as smoking, hormone imbalance, air pollution and infection. The first step is an exam to find out what caused your condition.

The doctor will recommend a course of treatment based on the source of your sinus condition. Some of the treatments available include prescription medication, balloon sinuplasty and sinus surgery. If you have a sinus infection you may suffer from them repeatedly. The initial treatment will utilize antibiotics or other medications to end the infection. Once the immediate infection is resolved a permanent solution to persistent sinusitis.

Treatments for Sinus Conditions

There are a variety of treatments for sinus conditions based on the cause. Balloon sinuplasty technology, BST, is a procedure that can be utilized when sinus passages are blocked. It uses an enodoscopic, catheter system with a small balloon that dilates sinuses. This is a method that is particularly helpful in cases where a sinus infection has not responded to medication. It can widen the nasal passages to help clear them through proper drainage.

Sinus surgery may be necessary to remove infected or damaged tissues inside the nasal passages. It can also remove growths called polyps inside the sinus cavities if they are found to be causing blockages. In some cases, the patient may have a deviated septum. This is a blockage caused by bone. In this case, surgery to remove a portion of the bone would be done to remove the blocked area.

Resolving Sinus Problems

Your sinus doctor in Victoria, TX will determine exactly what method of treatment will be the most successful in your situation. The ultimate goal of surgery is to remove any type of blockage in the sinuses so that proper drainage can occur. That way, infections are less likely to develop in the future and if they do, the patient can more easily resolve the problem without it worsening. Patients of all ages may be candidates for various forms of sinus treatments. You don’t need to suffer with the frequent pain and discomfort caused by sinus problems. A sinus doctor in Victoria, TX will assist you in resolving your problem for good so you can resume a normal life.

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